Adam Cohen

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Adam Cohen
Photo by Shayne Laverdiere
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Like a Man
(Adam Cohen)


It’s taken him rather longer that he might have expected, but singer-songwriter Adam Cohen has grown up.

The son of the legendary Leonard Cohen, all his life Adam had sought an artistic space beyond the reach of his father’s looming shadow. But in January 2007, at the age of 34, Adam Cohen owned up to his legacy. After years of declining to sing in public so much as a single note written by his father or to participate in any tribute, on stage in Barcelona, Adam sang Leonard’s classic song Take This Waltz — in Spanish.

"Barcelona in 2007 was the first time I ever played a Leonard Cohen song in public. Until then I hadn’t so much as learned one on guitar. It was cathartic. My son Cassius was only a few months from being born, and embracing fatherhood was on my mind — my father, and the father I was to be."

Intimate, romantic yet shrewdly reflective, Adam’s songs on Like A Man evoke something of his father just as in any child you can discern the echo of the parent. But there is Adam’s own unique and distinct voice and perspective too — a plain-speaking style freighted with disarming candor.

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