Aisha Tyler

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Actress / Author

Aisha Tyler is an actor, comedian, director, author and activist. she is currently co-host of the hit CBS daytime talker The Talk. Aisha also voices superspy Lana Kane on f/x’s edgy hit comedy Archer, which has won the television critics’ choice award for best animated show two years in a row. critics consistently hail it as one of the best animated shows on television. She also just recently is joining the brand new Whose Line is it anyway?, taking over for the fantastic Drew Carey. 

Besides acting Aisha is also the creator, producer and host of the hit podcast Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler, “a show about stuff guys love - brought to you by the ultimate guy’s girl,”  named a “best new comedy podcast” by itunes and has been nominated for stitcher and webby awards. And then there's the books;  she’s the author of Swerve: Reckless Observations of a Post-Modern Girl, a collection of hilarious essays on pop culture. Aisha’s second book, Self-Inflicted Wounds, named for the wildly popular segment of her podcast just hit shelves recently. 

A San Francisco native, Aisha graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in government and environmental policy. She loves French food, action movies, video games, snowboarding, zombie lore, and Korean pop and, on occasion, a nice old bourbon, neat.