All the News That Isn't - February 22, 2014

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Michael's Ha-Ha headlines this week cover:
The president's meeting with the Dalai Lama, Ted Nugent, Art History-Gate, Pussy Riot, Korean uncles,  California government, What's App?, and more!


Submitted by Justin (not verified) on

Mr. Feldman, a morning sound-bite offering on NPR, pulled from this Feb. 22 segment, specifically included your comments about Ted Nugent. You owe an apology to all the organizations that are involved with distribution and presentation of your program. You next owe a credible apology to Mr. Nugent. Why ? After a denigrating opening comment, you hypothecated that Mr. Nugent might "pick his teeth with a loaded squirrel gun, and that would be that.".

It is sad people like you can do a lot of interesting work, then expose your sick hidden beliefs. This lapse of judgment is inexcusable, and demands corrective action. Corrective action will also be needed by NPR, at a minimum.

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