Armed and Teacherous

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With the news that the NRA would like to arm all teachers, Michael (with help from WPR's Mike Arnold) uncovers a faculty memo.


Submitted by Annie Bradley (not verified) on

I heard it yesterday but what the heck.

But the NRA wasn't really pushing this as reform. They offered it as a suggestion.

What the NRA is pushing is FIRST to have the laws that already exist enforced. There is so much dishonesty in Connecticut - Judicial Dept is constantly hiding convictions and yet lie about those who are illicitly arrested.

It is all about greed in this state.

Adam Lanza, in my opinion, snapped - cowards made him do what he did. Probably the priest that molested him even came to his home and shot and killed his mother in front of him. Yet ignorant politicians obsess about how important it was to tell the public IMMEDIATELY that Lanza was a monster. He didn't even weigh 100 lbs - was autistic. I call that premeditation by politicians who hide the truth.

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