Blueheels - Robby Schiller

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Weather Machine


Robby Schiller and Justin Bricco grew up in Neenah WI, and met at a local cafe's open mic.  After having spent a few years in New Mexico, Schiller moved back to WI with a desire to play music/form a band with friends from his home.  In October of 2004, Schiller reconnected with Bricco at an Obsoletes show at Der Ratskellar.   Blueheels was formed shortly after, and played their first show in April of 2005. 

Fast forward 7 years, 3 records, ~500 shows throughout the Midwest, a few line up changes,  the endorsement from Madison's former Mayor Dave "I can't wait for these boys to go public; I'm buying stock," and some print praise from The Village Voice  "...from silence to gale-force fury in a heartbeat,"  Blueheels are on the brink of releasing their 4th record "Weather Machine."
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