Cathy Bryant

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I've been publishing for a few years now, since my best friend made it his New Year's Resolution to persuade me to submit some work to publishers; he claimed that if I didn't, then his entire year would be a failure and it would be my fault, the cunning devil. Anyway, it worked, and to my surprise various bits were accepted; shortly after joining a poetry workshop (Dominic Berry's Animal Writes) I was asked to perform my poems, and I've now done a few performances; they fill me with terror but I love that exciting atmosphere, and the feeling you get when an audience laughs out loud (when they're supposed to!) or applauds enthisiastically.

I'm in my forties (which I'm really enjoying) and I live in Manchester (which I love). My hobbies are making greetings cards from recycled/found/re-used/altered objects, bookcrossing and veganism. My name's Cathy and I'm a book addict. Predictably, I love cats.
Oh, and as you might have noticed, I'm also addicted to inappropriate commas, and to semi-colons; if anyone is aware of a cure, stay away. Some addictions are fun.