Cattlemen's Steakhouse

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David Egan of legendary Cattlemen's Steakhouse keeps the show rolling with a choice cut from Oklahoma City's longest running steakhouse!

Every state has its historic places and stories, but few can equal the story of Cattlemen's Steakhouse, the oldest continuously operating restaurant in Oklahoma City!

Cattlemen's Cafe opened its doors to hungry cowboys, ranchers, cattle haulers and the like in 1910. The Stockyards City area was a beehive of activity back then, as herds of cattle were driven to Oklahoma City in an unending stream to satisfy the East's growing demand for beef. By 1926, Stockyards City was the home of two major meat processors and the area became known as "Packing Town." It was in 1926 that H.V. 'Homer" Paul took over Cattlemen's, already a well-known establishment among the area's thousands of workers. Cattlemen's was one of the few places that stayed open after sundown. Because of this, it also attracted a very colorful clientele. During Prohibition, it was known for its home-brewed 'liquid delights.'

Since 1945, Cattlemen's Steakhouse has become a gathering place for all kinds of folks - from movie stars to rodeo greats, politicians to potentates! Check the walls of the dining rooms and view the drawings of all the well-knowns who have sampled Cattlemen's fare.

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