Christopher Smith & Merete Mueller

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TINY: A Story About Living Small
(Christopher Smith, Merete Mueller)


Christopher Smith is a documentary director and editor. In addition to his work on TINY, he also edits both feature and short form documentary content. Christopher studied Cinematography and Producing at the Sydney Film School in Australia and also holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration, a BA in philosophy, and a certificate in non-profit management. He is currently in production on his next project: a feature-length documentary, American ESPionage, about his father’s involvement in the US military’s psychic espionage program during the Cold War.

Merete Mueller is an award-winning writer and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to her work onTINY, her writing has been published in Yes! Magazine, The Huffington Post and IndieWire among others. Currently Merete is writing a book, Sink or Swim, based on exaggerated stories from her grandmother’s childhood in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She teaches writing and filmmaking at Bronx Community College and has lectured at universities, schools and community groups around the country on the subjects of DIY storytelling and sustainable design.

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