Coyote Peterson

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Coyote Peterson is an adventurer, animal enthusiast and independent filmmaker. Born in the rural town of Newbury, Ohio, his fascination with animals and nature began at 8 years old when he captured his first 40-pound Common Snapping Turtle. After this triumphant feat, Peterson’s thirst for exploring nature and seeking out fascinating animals quickly developed. 

Visiting nearly all of the 50 states by age 18, his adventures across the U.S. put him in close proximity with animals of all species. From Alligators, Armadillos, and Water Moccasins in Florida, to Badgers, Moose and Grizzly Bears in Montana- armed with teeth, scales, antlers or razor sharp claws- he found that all had an amazing story of survival to tell.

Coyote Stops by Otterbein to bring a friends to show Michael and the audience including the fearfully harmless rat snake and 'Darth Gator'!


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