Craft or Crap beer hotline

This site has been modified from its original version. The interactive elements, such as comment forms, have been removed. This site was archived in October, 2019.


Michael leads into a call-in on craft beer with a piece titled, "Rising Tide lifts all craft beers, or Funny you don't look brewish."

Callers share their stories and opinions on craft beer: like Jerome who is a reformed beer maker, Al from Cleveland shares his love quality product, Richard in Missouri calls in pondering the impact of Micahel's voice on home brewers, Donna from Peoria wonders about the availabilty of beer, from Springfield, MO corects the misunderstanding about POC being Pride of Cleveland, Dennis from Green Bay compares good craft beer to 'french kissing an angel', and Willy in Columbus, OH asks about Doanld Trump's opinion of craft beer. 

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