Erica Hannickel

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Author / Asst. Professor

About Northalnd College she says:

“I think one of the most distinctive elements of a Northland education is its experiential quality. Many of our courses have some element of hands-on learning.

“One of the most innovative things we’ve been doing for more than four years now is offering our “Connections” general education program. This means that all general ed courses that students take (before they move on to courses in their majors) are “connected” around particular themes, and taught by faculty teams. For example, I teach in the “Sustainable Agriculture and Foodways” block, which combines 4 faculty and 4 separate but connected courses: mine in U.S. Agricultural History, a course in Pastoral Literature, the Chemistry of Food, and Biological Systems. Students can them opt to continue in later semesters to take other Sustainable Foodways courses in World Religions and Food, Sediments and Soils, the Business of Food, etc.”

Which all play a factor in her role as author, as evidenced in her upcoming book: Empire of Vines: Wine Culture in America (Nature and Culture in America).