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Tenth of December: Stories
(George Saunders)
George Saunders

Acclaimed short-story writer George Saunders and Michael make the most out of a bad connection as they discuss his great new book, "Tenth of December"!


Submitted by Nayans (not verified) on

"Tenth of December" was the much awaited book by the George Saunders and Michael’s fans in the recent years. As expected the book did not disappoint any of the fans. I @@@@@ bought it from amazon and really enjoyed the book.

Submitted by Amy Green (not verified) on

I found it interesting that this book places the only two somewhat upbeat stories in the collection at the beginning and the end, as if the editor thought that doing this might help to disguise the unremitting darkness of the stories that make up most of the book. I'm afraid the effect is more along the lines of a gloom sandwich, in which the relatively upbeat slices of bread do little to mask the depressive filling.

Of course, my reaction is largely a matter of personal taste. I think George Saunders is a remarkable writer and a true artist, but for me, there's just too much darkness and ugliness in this collection to stomach.
Amy, writer from

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