The Horse Flies

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The Horse Flies
Photo by Thomas Hoebbel Photography
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Until the Ocean
(Horse Flies)



A longtime favorite of critics and fans, but a pigeonholer's nightmare, The Horse Flies blend Americana roots with indie rock, ethnic percussion, creative songwriting, and a fierce, percolating groove. With a love of both the traditional and the modern, The Flies have consistently explored the intersection of the two to create a musical world all their own. Part trance-inducing minimalism, achieved through a neo-primitive approach to fiddle music, and part folk-rock American gothic, achieved through emotive singing and haunting, original songs, The Flies’ music is recognized for its intensity, quirkiness, poetry, and skill.
The Horse Flies' most recent release, Until the Ocean, has received positive attention throughout the U.S. and internationally. Influential radio station KCRW, in Los Angeles, featured the album as a top new release and chose the song “14 Reasons” as a “Top Tune."