Jignesh Patel

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Jignesh Patel is a professor in computer sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he also earned his Ph.D. He has worked in the area of databases (now fashionably called “big data”) for over two decades. He is the recipient of an NSF CAREER Award and multiple Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Samsung faculty awards. His papers have been selected as the "best papers in the conference" at VLDB (2012), SIGMOD (2011) and ICDE (2010, 2011). He also has a strong interest in seeing research ideas transition to actual products. His thesis work was commercialized via an acquisition by NCR/Teradata. He also co-founded Locomatix, a startup that built a platform to power real-time data-driven mobile services. Locomatix became part of Twitter in 2013. Patel is also an ACM Distinguished Scientist.

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