Marc de Celle

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Marc de Celle
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How Fargo of You
(Marc de Celle)


Marc de Celle is the author of How Fargo of You, the acclaimed runaway bestseller in North Dakota now making its way across the rest of the country.  It's the story of "What happens when you move to Fargo after living in Arizona and California all your life," de Celle says.  "It was like landing on a different planet with a different species - but in a good way!"  And a very funny way.  Part of the charm of the book comes from Marc's scientific eye:  His previous work includes the acclaimed 2004 report Anticipating Crisis, which warned of accumulating risks to U.S. infrastructure before they were widely recognized, garnering accolades from leading scientists, authors and experts across a wide range of fields.  "One of the weird things about North Dakota is that people actually think ahead and solve those kinds of problems before they happen," he says.  "The annual crisis of winter trains everyone around here to do that.  So I had to find something else to write about, and I'd already come up with this expression, 'How Fargo of You,' for all these strange, generous, sane, incredibly kind behaviors..."  Marc lives with his wife, Charlene, and their two children, very happily just north of Fargo.