Mark Hirsch

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That Tree
(Mark Hirsch)


Photojournalist and artist Mark Hirsch is the author of “That Tree.” Hirsch of Platteville, Wisconsin is an editorial and corporate photographer based out of Dubuque, Iowa. Hirsch spent 20 years in the newspaper industry as a photojournalist, photo editor and visuals editor before embarking on a freelance career in 2006. His clients include Getty Images, The New York Times, and John Deere Corporation along with many regional clients.

While recovering from a near fatal car accident in 2012, Hirsch was inspired by a friend to use his iPhone to document a year-long photo a day project focusing on an old bur oak tree. Hirsch embraced the challenge resulting in a transformative experience of healing, self-discovery, inspiration, and enlightenment. The year long project along with Hirsch’s reflections have been published in a coffee table book, “That Tree”, available att Hirsch’s project has gone viral producing widespread international attention from some of the world's most noted media outlets.