Marriage Hotline - June 7, 2014

This site has been modified from its original version. The interactive elements, such as comment forms, have been removed. This site was archived in October, 2019.


With the ban on same sex marriages dropped in Wisconsin Michael is inspired and opens the phone lines to anyone getting married or going to a wedding. What he gets is:

Justin calls in but isn't ready to get married, but thinking about a Sondheim show. Mark in Cleveland is on his way to work, and wasn’t listening, but is married. Nate in Morgantown W. VA is on the way to his neighbor’s wedding. Matthew’s girlfriend’s sister is getting married and his just the pack mule, because he didn’t want to DJ. John Swift (not John Smith) really likes the show, is recently married and a new father, (found out on Father's day). Kevin is heading to Erie, PA for his cousin’s wedding getting flipped off by Amish drivers.Then an older couple are getting married later tonight! She's still frisky maybe a,'calhoun, or a coyote' probably a cougar... Todd in Beaufort, SC married on D-day. who sounded a little like Elvis. Congratulations to everyone getting or is married!

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