Michael Perry

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Michael Perry and Michael Feldman

Michael Perry joins Michael on the Terrace Stage to chat about Visiting Tom, creating his own tools, keeping folks out of his driveway and being the father of two lovely daughters.


Submitted by Sandy Shipley (not verified) on

I heard you on Whad'ya Know and had to buy "Visiting Tom". We have all had (or if lucky) still have and older mentor
from whom we learn the inner sanctum secrets to do things that are not taught in books. Nifty stuff that we in turn may pass on if we find an interested acolyte.
I love your writing style and loved the book, I will buy more by you.
Thanks for sharing your life in such an enjoyable way,
Sandy Shipley, Strongsville,Ohio
P. S. I spent part of my 18th summer in Chippewa Falls. That was 1959 and I remember the clean, clear water
in the lakes and that outboard motors were not allowed on them. I got to row my dad all over so he could troll....
guess I'm lucky he didn't want to water ski!!!!!!
It was a wonderful place to a nature loving girl.

Submitted by winha miona (not verified) on

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