Patrick DePula

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Chef / Restaurateur

Salvatore’s Tomato Pies is about family. I grew up in the shadow of Trenton, NJ, home of some of the best pizzas on the planet. My fathers family came from Loreto Di Aprutino and my Mothers family came from Cassandrino, a small town outside of Naples.

Food has played a major role throughout my life, and has always been the centerpiece of every family gathering. With family roots in Chambersburg, The Italian section of Trenton, we never had to go far to buy quality baked goods, Italian specialty ingredients, and fresh local produce. Even our school cafeterias made decent Italian Subs. Tomato Pies is what we called pizza. Not mass produced, not cooked off in a conveyor belt oven after being made on an assembly line, but hand crafted by your relatives and friends in small neighborhood storefronts. That’s what we do at Salvatore’s.

I’ve lived in the Madison area for 17 years now, and have always wanted to open a place that would properly honor my roots, while utilizing the incredibly fresh ingredients that we have available in Wisconsin. Salvatore’s is proud to partner with Madison area purveyors such as RE Golden Produce and Neesvig’s. It is incredibly important to us that we support the local economy, and these two vendors provide us with uncompromising quality.

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