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Conservationist Tom Kocourek decides to do something about diving ducks being unable to find food because of the extreme cold. Connecting with local engineering contractor they use a trawler to break up the ice and help the birds out.


Submitted by Jon Fisk (not verified) on

Charge an innocent man, plant a key, once your department is allowed to inspect the home that has been detailed with eyes for 3 days, perhaps 2. Then right out in the open a key pops up that no other eyes have seen. Sure, I believe in santa claus.

Submitted by Nitram Kowan (not verified) on

Have you people lost yourselves? Framing a child and Steven Avery? You're like a Nazi killing jews! You are the same! Pure Evil!!!!

Submitted by Bethany (not verified) on

I love wyk and you need to take this evil man off your page.

Submitted by Edward Jacob (not verified) on

You know what you did old man. If you believe in god, you can not repent or confess enough when your time comes. This is unforgivable. You better hope there isn't a hell, because you have a one way ticket waiting for you on the other side.

Submitted by Justice for Ste... (not verified) on

You aided in the largest criminal conspiracy in United States history. Two innocent men are behind bars right because of you. Have you ever spent a night in jail? Have you ever had your life ruined? Has your family ever had their reputation destroyed? Do you even fucking care???? Fat fuck

Submitted by Nitram (not verified) on

Have you people lost yourselves? Framing a child and Steven Avery? You're like a Nazi killing jews! You are the same! Pure Evil!!!!

Submitted by Ed (not verified) on

Seriously. WTF???? I don't go for vigilante justice, but in this case I might be able to make an exception.

Submitted by Justice (not verified) on

What a piece of living human excrement. How do you live with yourself?!?

Submitted by Mike who wants ... (not verified) on

You are pathetic,Tom Kocourek. Spending your time saving ducks while you have placed an innocent man behind bars for decades. You have no honor and are a blight to all who serve in law enforcement with integrity.

Submitted by Brother J. H. (not verified) on


Can you even imagine what you will say on your day of judgment. No words will suffice.

I pray that you will come forward and admit your sin. If not, you won't have mercy on that day.

Submitted by Watching all th... (not verified) on

I fear for the 'legal elite' involved in this abomination. Since the release of the Netflix documentary, all one needs to do is look at the Manitowoc Facebook page to see the vigilante groups about to spring into action.
There are folks out there (internationally), that are truly livid about the outcome of this ridiculous series of events. I can't say if either of them are guilty or innocent, but I can say, with no reservation, that there are a lot of things that would have resulted in a hung jury had I been on it. A jury in the U.S. is required to deliver a verdict based on 'reasonable doubt' AND 'presumption of innocence'. There certainly was a LOT of doubt, and absolutely no presumption of innocence delivered in those trials.
Having lived there, I know the atmosphere of that area and era.
I read the first Michael Griesbach book many years ago, and had my doubts then. I recently read the latest book and those doubts have grown.
I pray for the souls involved...all of them.

Submitted by Justice (not verified) on

I hope they take your old ass to jail for what did! Fucking dirtbag.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

You fat piece of shit, better learn to sleep with one eye open

Submitted by unknown (not verified) on

Yeah just look on Google type in these keywords...
Rape, kocourek,

Submitted by Nitram Kowan (not verified) on

Have you people lost yourselves? Framing a child and Steven Avery? You're like a Nazi killing jews! You are the same! Pure Evil!!!!

Michael Feldman do something! Your jewish brothers were murdered by evil men, so has Steven and Brendan! Use your power!!!

Submitted by Sharpshooter (not verified) on

I know a couple good lakes where we could do some practice shooting for "duck hunting" in the Madison area. Anyone interested? Just reply with Yes

Submitted by outraged in Mid... (not verified) on

Why is this horrible waste of a human being - who shames those law enforcement officials who have some/any integrity, who shames the state of WI, and who should spend 18 years in a state prison himself for what he's obviously done - getting any attention?!(Other than some much deserved, much delayed punishment for being a monster - he and his cronies should have to pay for what they've done - likely, more than once.) Disgusting man. You, Denis Vogel, and the supremely glib, condescending, arrogant, and rat-faced idiot Kusche disgust me, literally make me sick - physically ill. How do Gregory Allen's victims (who would have been protected if not for your arrogance and curroption) let you exist?

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