Quiz B - March 15, 2014

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Before the quiz Michael reconnects with his 'old friend Todd', discusses the Ides of March, military training school, talks with Dot & Don, a couple coming up on their 70th anniversary, a family of 10 kids returns after dad was on show years ago, then Doug is defined as an 'interesting person' in a kilt!

Sandy from 'here' returns to the quiz and pairs up with Paul also a Pi day birthday boy from Woodstock, IL for this second hour version of the quiz!


Submitted by Jeanne Meyer (not verified) on

Thank you so much, Michael, for treating my folks (Don & Dot Anderson) so kindly. It will be a memory that we will treasure for years to come. The whole show was fantastic and we all enjoyed it so much. My Mom (Dot) and I got to speak with John after the show and that was a special treat too. Jeanne Meyer

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