Quiz A - February 9, 2013

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David from Madison is joined up with Lori from Columbus, OH.  Together they take a shot at the Whad'Ya Know?


Submitted by Joyce Jones (not verified) on

The best way for me to listen to Whad'ya Know is to access your archive and listen on my headphones. In the past, I was able to access any portion of the show. I find I am unable to do that on the present format. If I choose to skip to a particular section of the show, I can't figure out how to do it. Also, your archived shows do not include the musical interludes during breaks. That is part of the show, and I miss it. Thank you. Joyce Jones

Submitted by lzimmerman on

Hi Joyce,

On the main show pages (like this one for Feb. 9th), you can find a Listen and a Download link for the full show audio, as well as for individual show sections, such as the Quiz.

The "Listen" link opens our audio player, which does have a time-bar allowing you to skip back and forth; the "Download" link will save the audio (in MP3 format) to your computer for listening in programs like Windows Media Player or iTunes.

Are you able to access the audio player or the downloadable file?  If not, can you tell us what kind of system you're using (Windows, Mac, Android, etc.)?  Any information you can provide will help as we investigate.


Laura Zimmerman

Drupal Developer
Wisconsin Public Radio

Submitted by David from Poyn... (not verified) on

Thanks so much for archiving the old shows. That way, a procrastinator like me, can download the show he was on 5 months after appearing on it!

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