September 8, 2012 - Cedar Falls, IA - Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center

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Michael took the stage at the lovely Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center in Cedar Falls, IA.  He got the lay of the Iowa land from Des Moines Register columnist Kyle Munson.  University of Northern Iowa professor of Political Science, Chris Larimer, chatted voting behaviors with Michael and outlined Iowa's unique role in politics.  Joe and Vicki Price fired up the stage with some smokin' hot blues and Ian Goldsmith of YouTube fame brought the crowd to its feet teaching them how to "Interlude"!  It was enough to make you hungry for a loose meat sandwich!

All The "Iowa" News That Isn't

After explaining the finer points of UW inviting UNI to play football, Michael offers up All the "Iowa" News That Isn't!

Kyle Munson

Des Moines Register columnist Kyle Munson shares stories from his travels around Iowa, including all of the local characters he meets, bacon-wrapped food and town slogans!

Quiz A - September 8, 2012 in Cedar Falls, IA

After learning about a "crunchy" pet peeve, Michael selects a contestant to play the quiz!

Joe and Vicki Price

The only couple alive that should sing the blues.  Award-winning (you'll hear why) blues artists and Iowans, Joe and Vicki Price!

Chris Larimer

The popular Poly Sci Professor on the UNI campus joins Michael on stage to chat about his research into voting behaviors and Iowa's unique place in American politics!

Quiz B - September 8, 2012 in Cedar Falls, IA

After Michael meets some odd fellows in the audience he offers up a PhD student a chance at the Whad'Ya Know? Quiz!

Ian Goldsmith - The "Interlude"

UNI student Ian Goldsmith gets Michael and the crowd on their feet to teach them the "Interlude" dance!