Shakey Graves

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"Hailed as Austin’s best one-man band, Shakey Graves is an artist of understated power and overt mystique. His bio simply reads, “Shakey Graves is a gentleman from Texas.” Perhaps that’s all you need to know before stumbling into his music — and stumble you should.

Rooted in the darker side of the folk tradition (think Townes Van Zandt), Shakey Graves magically balances lyrical depth with lighthearted accompaniment that creates an awe-inspiring, accessible sound. 

The true beauty in Shakey Graves as a performer is his ability to captivate an audience with subtleties. Armed only with a guitar, a soulful voice, and a kick drum fashioned from an old suitcase, his performance is not that of the passive singer-songwriter. From the moment the first drum beat sounds, you’re consumed by the experiential nature of his music. "

 - by Arden Ward for ACL Music Festival

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