Thanks For the Memos - August 18, 2012

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Michael sorts through another batch of Memos!


Submitted by Steve (not verified) on

There is a difference between bringing in your lunch and storing it in the fridge and having a personal storage facility. From this point forward, everyone needs to contain their fridge items to basically one lunch bag/container.

Do not bring in jugs of orange juice for your personal use, cartons of milk, salad dressing bottles, bags of produce and other items in quantities not intended for one time use – unless these items can fit into a regular-size lunch bag.

Frozen meals are fine to store in the freezer as is, but a 5 gallon of ice cream would not be acceptable!

Please take your non-complying items home by Thursday at 5pm. The fridge will be cleaned out this Friday and items will be tossed.

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