Thanks For the Memos - October 26, 2013

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Michael keeps his Packer gear in check during this week's Thanks For the Memos!


Submitted by ben (not verified) on

Hi Everyone,

Someone is watering down the soap dispensers- again. We went through this same situation last year and after I wrote a memo it ceased, but recently I found the soap in the kitchen watered down and just moments ago Jeff found one in the bathroom watered down.

I know that whomever is doing this has the kindest of intentions in mind, but it's really not a good thing to water down the soaps in a business environment. First, we need to combat the spread of germs, so let's keep the antibacterial soap full strength. Second, adding water to the dispensers causes the soapy liquid to squirt farther. Last year Catherine witnessed a very angry client exiting the bathroom with soap on his suit- he was not happy about the watered down liquid all over his clothing, this is not the impression we we want to make.

There are LARGE refills of soap in the bathroom cabinets and under the kitchen sink (tell Ben or I if we are out). Also, we usually keep a back-up or two on the top shelf of the slop sink closet.

We totally appreciate all of who are conscious of the studio budget. Here are a few suggestions of things that you CAN do to help keep the costs down:

Be mindful of how much copy paper you use.

Turn off your monitors and lights when you leave for the day or for lunch- it saves electricity.

Don't covet more studio supplies than you need- we order based on what is missing from our inventory, so if you have two boxes of pencils hidden in one of your drawers we're buying 2 boxes of pencils to replace that.

Keep windows closed when the heat/ac is on.

If you are using a space heater please turn it off when you leave for lunch.

Thanks everyone!

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