Thanks For the Memos - September 21, 2013

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Memos! We get memos!

This week's memos cover:
Flippin mayor's antics and junior class chants to free L'il Boozy.


Submitted by carrie jacobson (not verified) on

To: Jojo, Woodreau and Smokey Jacobson
From: Carrie Jacobson
Re: Workday behavior

Dear dogs - As you know, I work at home, making paintings in my art studio just across the back lawn. At least one of you spends most of the days out there with me, and I know that all three of you are well aware that I'm out there most of the time.

And so, dear dogs, I would like to ask you to stop digging holes in said back lawn, especially on my route to work, and also right outside the door of the studio. Just yesterday, I nearly tripped in one of the dozens of holes you've dug. Jojo, you will remember that the coffee that I spilled startled you so much that you jumped and barked and ran away.

And speaking of barking, I'd really, truly appreciate it if you would not bark at every single thing that moves out there in the road. Spend your time at the fence, if you like, and watch everything, but please please please, dogs, don't bark at absolutely every little thing. The squirrels are not going to attack us. Bill and Scout, who walk by our house every single day, have not murdered us yet, and I doubt that they ever will. And Jimmy, who lives across the street, and whom you bark at every time you see him, has a gun, and hunting season is coming right up.

Thank you, dogs!


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