Town of the Week - Eloy, AZ

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Jessica from chats about Eloy, AZ - the skydiving capital of the world - and our Town of the Week!  


Submitted by Sydney (not verified) on

I was very disappointed in a comment I heard this morning on "Whad'Ya Know." The host made a tasteless joke in response to a caller's comment on reluctant sky divers. The caller stated that skydiving instructors were known to say once the doors on the plane opened up "no sounds like go." The host quipped back, "that's what she said." Since "that's what she said jokes" are sexual in nature, I assume this was making light of sexual assault. I am aware that rape jokes are almost ubiquitous in the media but I expected more from "Whad'Ya Know." Aside from being offensive to survivors of rape and sexual assault, rape jokes are tired and easy. I hope in future the host will challenge himself to humor the audience with something more original.
Keep up the, mostly, great programming.

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