Town of the Week - Muskogee, OK

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This week we virtually visit Muskogee, OK! Sara looks at the town's origins, history, current attractions and more. Then Lyle dials up Jeff who is an 'Okie from Muskogee' and Michael gets the inside scoop on day-to-day life in Muskogee and his high school football record, the Hanukkah Bowl, and building a medieval village and castle!


Submitted by Robert Prugh (not verified) on

I also played football at Earlham College. The Honaker bowl took place in Tenn, Earlham beat Maryville 26-27. Honaker was the athletic director at Maryville. The interview brought back memories. It was alway fun watching the game from the bench. I didn't get hurt but I have bragging rights and a small trophy.

Submitted by Robert Prugh (not verified) on

Correct the score to 26-17

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