Town of the Week - New Orleans, LA

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Stephanie gives us a brief overview of the Big Easy, and then Lyle connects Michael with David Freedman, the station Manager of the local station there WWOZ. Freedman reveals his secret about working at night and getting more done at social events than in the office. Also he gives the insie scoop on jazz festivals and then the French Quarter festival and all the famous clubs!

He then goes onto to share what life is like now after the floods from Hurricane Katrina, "It's amixed bag," he says that there are many more new restaurants and other things which is good, but also the loss of cultural enclaves. David then tells Michael that he'd take him on a tour of the many one person museums to see primitive art and gives the insiders POV for Mardi Gras.

David sums it all up by with: "If you come to New Orelans and don't leave 5lbs. overweight and a total zombie, what the hell are you doing?"


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Yay! New Orleans is the best! I love that city. Especially I love to work in it. I am a freelance writer at and I travel and work at the same time.

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