Town of the Week - Pine City, MN

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Town of the Week with 'Most Definitely' Stephanie Lee looks to Pine City, MN for the past and present! Finding the town to be 'North. Nice and close' and discusses the booyah phenomenon.

Then Michael connects with Santa Bob Haedt, a local to get what a slice of life in Pine City actually tastes like and a in depth talk about a potential lunch and river canoeing trip.


Submitted by Nathan Johnson (not verified) on

The tagline rationale is:
North – conceptual metaphor, not just directional
Nice – good community/nice people/nice small town
Close – close knit community/close to large metropolitan area
“And” – Nice and close (nice people with a close knit community)
Nice plus close (location/proximity)

Submitted by Perry Smith (not verified) on

I am enamored with Stephanie Lee. Her voice is perfect. She has the personality of an angel to complement her wonderful voice, as well!
I am certain that she is a wonderful lady and I wanted to leave a message to compliment her.
Wonderful show, I am a regular listener.

Perry Smith

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