April 20, 2013 - Madison, WI - Monona Terrace

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Sarah Lyall

New York Times London-correspondent Sarah Lyall is back on the program!  Plus, Planet of the Geladas with Thore Bergman, All the News That Isn't, Thanks For the Memos and the Whad'Ya Know? Quiz!  It's the legal limit of fun you can have on the radio!

All the News That Isn't - April 20, 2013

Barney Google's horse and All the News that Isn't!

Sarah Lyall

New York Times London-correspondent Sarah Lyall gives a view from across the pond!

Quiz A - April 20, 2013

After naming pets after Packer players, Michael selects his first contestant to play the quiz!

Thanks For the Memos - April 20, 2013

There's a mouse sighting during this week's Thanks For the Memos!

Thore Bergman

University of Michigan Gelada Research Project director Thore Bergman discusses new breakthroughs in primate communications!  

Quiz B - April 20, 2013

After sharing his thoughts about Google Glass, Michael picks another contestant to play the Quiz!