April 23, 2016 - Cleveland, OH - State Theatre

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Whad'Ya Know returns to Ohio one last time, with a live show at the State Theatre! Coming through Ohio like the RNC Michael will chat with Dr. Oz's buddy and Wellness specialist Dr. Michael Roizen, the queen of 'Rust Belt Chic' - writer Anne Trubek and signals to Hey Mavis to play a few songs for the the stage! Then Michael brings the legendary Sausage Shoppe on air to pair with Platform Beer Co.


Anne Trubek

Anne Trubek is the founder and publisher of Belt Magazine and Belt Publishing. Anne gives Michael and the audience a glimpse at the poetic and other side of Cleveland and the Rust Belt all in perfect cursive writing!

Hey Mavis

Americana-Roots band, Hey Mavis, was born along the winding path of Ohio's Cuyahoga River. With their fine musicianship, strong songwriting and engaging stage presence, they weave together a musical tapestry that speaks the truth of our human condition—with all of it’s beauty, heartache, humor, disappointment and joy. 

Hey Mavis, take the stage in Cleveland to wow Michael and audience!

Dr. Michael Roizen

Armed with a Cavs scarf and a bag of books, Dr. Oz collaborator and wellness expert Dr. Michael Roizen takes a seat on stage and tells Michael what he needs to do to ensure longevity!