August 4, 2012 - Madison, WI - Vintage Edition

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Monona Terrace

Michael's crashing weddings all over America in this rebroadcast of a Whad’Ya Know? show from Monona Terrace in the summer of 2010. Duncan's on his way to his wedding, but stops by to chat up Michael and invite the entire country to his reception (don't go, it was two years ago)! Plus ... The Letter Carriers of Lake Geneva! No, they're not an endangered bird species, they're teenagers who deliver mail dockside -- leaping from boat to dock and back again! Thrills, spills and wedding day chills on this episode of Whad'Ya Know?

Lake Geneva Mail Jumpers

Oliver Pringle and Ellie from the Lake Geneva mail jumpers fill Michael in on their unusual Summer gig!

Place To Be - Mulvane, KS - Larry Richardson

Michael takes us to Mulvane, KS for our Place To Be where bridge fanatic Larry Richardson replicas his favortie bridge, the Golden Gate in San Francisco.

Quiz A - August 4, 2012

An ex-Ole Miss professor and a Cleveland blogger play together to try and defeat the Whad'Ya Know? Quiz!

Town of the Week: Greenfield, MA

After a splendid breakdown of her fair city by Jim Packard, Elaine from Greenfield, MA fills Michael in about her hometown, our Town of the Week!

Thanks For the Memos - August 4, 2012

Michael contemplates renaming the Dane County airport in Madison, WI during this week's batch of Memos!

Hotline: Wedding Crashers

Upset that he was left off the Clinton invite list, Michael decides to speak with grooms and brides to be during this week's Hotline!

Quiz B - August 4, 2012

We'll beg your pardon if you play along with the Whad'Ya Know? Quiz!