December 7, 2013 - Madison, WI - Monona Terrace

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Robbie Fulks

A live show from the Monona Terrace in Madison, WI featuring the return of Robbie Fulks! Plus, your weekly fix of All the News That Isn'tThanks For the Memos and two hilarious rounds of the Whad'Ya Know? Quiz!

All the News That Isn't - December 7, 2013

Michael skewers the news with skewed headlines, focusing on: Chinese education, Chinese airspace, Joe Biden, Uncle Omar, Amazon drones, pythons and more!

Robbie Fulks

Singer/Songwriter Robbie Fulks returns to the show to chat and play a few numbers from his latest album Gone Away Backward

Quiz A - December 7, 2013

We find out about Michael's morning and pre-show routines, then explains the critical difference between Minnesota or Wisconsin and the Zimmerman (Dylan) family. Then multiple folks in the audience explain sun dogs to Michael.

Thanks for the Memos! - December 7, 2013

Actual memos sent in from actual listeners - you can't make this kind of stuff up!

This week's memo is a Black Friday special letter from the 'Friends of Scott Walker'

Good News Week

Michael reaches out for callers to share their 'good news' and we find out that Lynn's good news is Auburn win last weekend, Dan's novel The Fizzywig Legacy is getting published, Travis gets through and got hired at a farm, Pete is excited the Ohio State wins, Michelle is baking Christmas cookies, Dave got a pension fund, and more!

Quiz B - December 7, 2013

Michael gets a little clarity on insurance decutible and we find out about all of the keys, and Glen's theory of 'poor man's reliability.' Michael finds out about koozies.
Laura from Illinois nails the qualiying question to partner with Gary the judge from Madison in attempting the quiz!