June 27, 2015 - Overland Park, KS - Yardley Hall at JCCC

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Michael and the gang are jazzed to be heading to the KC area for some barbecue and a live performance of Whad'Ya Know? at Johnson County Community College! Author and local BBQ expert Doug Worgul brings the sauce, Mayor of Overland Park Carl Gerlach takes the stage to chat, then Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear stop in to play a song or two and National Spelling Bee co-champ Vanya Shivashankar spells it all out for Michael!

All the Kansas City News That Isn't - June 27, 2015

Michael attempts to decipher the difference between North and South Overland Park, KS and All the Kansas City News That Isn't!

Mayor Carl Gerlach

Overland Park, KS Mayor Carl Gerlach brings Michael some BBQ and shares the success stories of Overland Park, KS!

Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear

Madisen Ward & the Mama Bear, a soulful folk band whose sound is anchored by twin guitars and two big, booming voices are thrilled to play in front of a home town crowd!

Vanya Shivashankar

Scripp's National Spelling Bee champion and proud daughter of all of Olathe, KS Vayna Shivashankar spells out some fun with Michael!

Doug Worgul

A nationally-recognized authority on the history and cultural significance of American barbecue traditions, Doug Worgul literally chews the fat with Michael!