March 14, 2015 - Madison, WI - Monona Terrace

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A live show from the Monona Terrace in Madison, WI! Featuring author/screenwriter Richard Price and your weekly dose of All the News That Isn'tThanks For the Memos and two hilarious rounds of the Whad'Ya Know? Quiz!

All the News That Isn't - March 14, 2015

A week in review askew - Michael calls out the news and newsmakers!

This week's highlighted headlines include:

Obese daschund, Texas, execution drugs, Game of Thrones, Apple Watch, Putin, and more!

Richard Price

Richard Price's writings explore late 20th century urban America in a gritty, realistic manner that has brought him considerable literary acclaim. Several of his novels are set in a fictional northern New Jersey city called Dempsy. He has also written numerous screenplays, was nominated for an Oscar. He also wrote for the HBO series The Wire.

Micahel calls Price up to talk about his most recent work,a detective novel entitled The Whites written under the pen name Harry Brandt. On the air Price gets into the thoughts behind his process, the Milwaukee Braves, Jewish police, the miscalculation of using a pen name and more.

Waunakee Community Big Band

The Waunakee Community Band was started by Jan Tweed while she was still Music Department Head for Waunakee Schools 30 years ago. (So we are both celebrating 30 years.) Jan Tweed is a legend in her own time in Waunakee and indeed throughout the state in Music Education circles. The original band had thirty members and over a third of those are still in the band - including me. The WCB has around 100 members on the roster and typically performs with 70 to 80 players. The WCB Big Band was started last fall by several members of the Waunakee Community Band, including Ken Davies and me. We have performed at Olbrich Gardens and at Rex's Innkeeper in Waunakee. 

The Waunakee Community Band is a non-profit organization. As a component of the Waunakee Community Band, the WCB Big Band is also all volunteer. All proceeds from our St Patrick's Dance go to the support all the musical activities of the Waunakee Community Band. So we hope people for a good time and to support this great organization.

Town of the Week - Waynesboro, VA

This week we pull the dart out of the map stuck in Waynesboro, Va as Sara looks back over the town's history and role in the civil role. Then Michael is dialed into the local flavor and happenings by Marta, a librarian. Marta shares that while Waynesboro is on the Applachian Trail and the mystery of why the 'Mad' Anthony Wayne was mad.