March 2, 2013 - Madison, WI - Monona Terrace

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Kyle Patrick Alvarez

What does it take to be the first filmmaker to adapt a David Sedaris piece?  Find out when writer/director Kyle Patrick Alvarez joins Michael to discuss his acclaimed new film C.O.G.!  Plus, Freelance Journalist James Card stops by the Terrace stage to talk about Ice Fishing, the Olympics and PEDs!  And, All the News That Isn't, Thanks for the Memos and the Whad'Ya Know? Quiz!

All the News That Isn't - March 2, 2013

Michael offers up a Pope-Emeritus worthy All the News that Isn't!

Kyle Patrick Alvarez

Filmmaker Kyle Patrick Alvarez is the first person to adapt a David Sedaris short story with his critically acclaimed film, C.O.G.!

Quiz A - March 2, 2013

After helping out a few of his younger listeners, satisfying his sweet tooth and sharing his preferred hairstyle, Michael selects his first contestant to play the Whad'Ya Know? quiz!

Thanks For the Memos - March 2, 2013

A flowery edtion of Thanks for the Memos!

James Card

Freelance outdoor journalist James Card discusses his NY Times article on PED testing for Ice Fishing Anglers.

Quiz B - March 2, 2013

After learning about professional disk golfing (and PEDs within the sport) and how "notmuch, you" translates into Japanese, Michael finds another contestant to play the quiz!