May 28, 2016 - Madison, WI - Rebroadcast

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This week we bring back to back funny! We revisit when funny guys Eugene Mirman of Bob's Burgers fame and comedy troublemaker Andy Kindler took the time to talk with Michael! Plus two rounds of the legendary Whad'Ya Know? Quiz and more!


Eugene Mirman

Eugene Mirman is a comedian, actor and hero who lives in Brooklyn, NY. He voices “Gene” on Fox’s Emmy Award winning animated series Bob’s Burgers. He was on Flight of the Conchords, Adult Swim’s Delocated, and has had two comedy specials on Comedy Central. His latest comedy special is available on Netflix. He is a frequent co-host of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s science show Star Talk.

This week he chats about what jokes audiences in Saratoga Springs and Seattle like, Gene Belcher and more with Michael!

Andy Kindler

The self-named comedic troublemaker Andy Kindler makes up for missing Michael's call last week and chats about his projects, Bob's Burgers and more! Kindler examines his comic stylings being problematic and the explanations being funnier than the jokes. After riffing in Yiddish and many Shakespeare references, Michael and Andy share being old.and their similar sense of humor and more.