September 27, 2014 - Madison, WI - Monona Terrace

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A live show from the Monona Terrace in Madison, WI - Illustrator Ella Sanders draws out the words that don't translate in her new book Lost in Translation and of course your weekly fix of All the News That Isn'tThanks For the Memos and two hilarious rounds of the Whad'Ya Know? Quiz!

All the News That Isn't - September 27, 2014

Michael re-frames the headlines for the week and the highlights include:
medical marijuana in Madison, orbiters, Mars rover, Koch Brothers, Eric Holder, water on Earth, winged dinosaurs, Derek Jeter, Climate Change March, Cadillac, 3D printers, iPhone 6 plus bending, Windows 9, multi-tasking, Voter ID, Menards, Oktoberfest, Milwaukee Brewers, and more!

Ella Sanders

Ella Frances Sanders is a writer and illustrator who intentionally lives all over the place, most recently Morocco, the UK, and Switzerland. She worked with the Techstars-backed company Maptia for most of 2013, illustrating their vision and helping to shape their storytelling community.

At the moment her work constitutes writing things, drawing things and over-thinking mostly everything to do with anything. She is not afraid of questions, or bears. Her latest project is a book titled Lost in Translation, a work filled with illustrations depicting words from languages that do not have a direct translation into english. Michael and Ella delve deep into language, travelling the world and grief bacon.

Voter ID and me

Michael speaks out on voter ID legislation, identity, familiarity, fraud, temporary amnesia and the bake sale brownies.

All the News Thats Is Round You - September 27, 2014

Michael puts out the call for 'good news' round you and folks call in with word on fishing in Eau Claire, Carbondale Lion's Cub Pancake Day, looking forward to Yom Kippur in Tel Aviv, Carol from Madison has been in a lot of cars this weekend, ordering food for the food bank, in Chattanooga Doug's wife is nominated National Mother of the Year, in Norman, OK Ron had a mixed after winning the quiz last year, and lastly at Syrena's baby shower in Carthage, MO guest will write messages on diapers for the new parents.