T.C. Boyle

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T.C. Boyle returns to the show to talk with Michael about his new book The Harder They Come and water conservation in Santa Barbara!


Submitted by Paul Winner (not verified) on

Boyle: …the crazies of the past may have gone into Indian Territory and survived or not. Now of course they have to live amongst us and all this violence impulses turn inward.
Feldman: I think that is a little hard on us.
Boyle: It is hard on us, it would help though if we put the mental unstable into mental institutions and treated them instead of giving them some meds they don’t take letting them go on the streets.

Don't buy this man's books. If Michael doesn't apologize for not challenging his views, don't listen to this show any longer. Allowing people with views like this on the air to spout this poison that affects attitudes towards people with a disease should not be rewarded.

Add your voice to the complaints on the FTC.gov website about the license of any station that rebroadcasts this vile nonsense.

Submitted by Eva (not verified) on

I partially agree with Boyle's views. Yes, a person should live in a community, not in an institution. However, if a person doesn't have a family to look after him, it's better to put him into mental institutions. Family helps to deal with such issues, but lack of it may cause the illness become more severe. People need support to deal with problems (detaile on the topic at http://www.essaytrust.org/).
Paul, also I'm curious whether you think it is ok to put people with severe mental illness into the society?

Submitted by ryan (not verified) on

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