Thanks For the Memos - October 13, 2012

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Michael settles some school play scheduling confusion during this week's Thanks For the Memos!


Submitted by T (not verified) on

I want to relisten to the school schedule on Thanks for the Memos but it keeps connecting to me the Trapper Schoepp segment. Please fix it!

Submitted by lzimmerman on

The school play section begins at about 1:00 in the audio above.

If you've been listening to another segment, the player may retain it in the playlist.

Try clicking on the "Next" ("Fast-forward") button on the player.  In the Playlist area to the right, you can also click on the "Play" button next to any segment.

Here's a direct download link to the Memos audio:

Let us know if you still have trouble listening to this segment.


Laura Zimmerman

Drupal Developer
Wisconsin Public Radio

Submitted by Mark Bialzik (not verified) on

When I click on the link I get a 404 error message (Page Not Found)

Submitted by John Thompson (not verified) on

Is it possible to get the memo in written form? 10-13-2012

Submitted by Patrick (not verified) on

I was looking for this as well - the link listed came up broken (page not available or some such.) I thought it was great, especially since I was the director of the production! I remember reading the original on the HS website thinking what a mess the scheduling was!

Submitted by Patrick (not verified) on

Sorry - I missed the links at the top of the page - downloaded it without problems. And for the record - I had nothing to do with planning the scheduling. =)

Submitted by cyan (not verified) on

For me also the above link not working. I was very eager to listen to the play Thanks For the Memos as got many positive reviews about this play from school. Hope you will share a better link and we will be able to achieve the same.
<a href="click">

Submitted by momin (not verified) on

I like it. I have another question but it's off topic. I tried voting to the poll in sidebar and it didn't counted! I tried loggin in as well, but it just don't works. Button isn't working.

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