October 13, 2012 - Madison, WI - Monona Terrace

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Trapper Schoepp and The Shades

This week, Michael catches up with playwright, screenwriter and novelist Paul Rudnick!  And, Trapper Schoepp and The Shades - Milwaukee's premiere Roots/Rock band - perform a few songs from their LP, Run, Engine, Run.  All of that, plus All the News That Isn't, Thanks for the Memos, unscripted fun during the Whad'Ya Know? quiz and our Town of the Week: Bonham, TX!

All the News That Isn't - October 13, 2012

Michael's copy of All the News that Isn't is found on Mars by the rover!

Paul Rudnick

Screenwriter, playwright and New Yorker columnist Paul Rudnick returns to the show to the show for more hilarity with Michael!

Quiz A - October 13, 2012

After chatting with a gas producer, his wife and learning about drinking Bailey's out of a shoe -- Michael has to rely on an arm-wrestling contest to select his quiz contestant!

Thanks For the Memos - October 13, 2012

Michael settles some school play scheduling confusion during this week's Thanks For the Memos!

Trapper Schoepp and The Shades

Milwaukee's burgeoning rock/roots band Trapper Schoepp and The Shades hop on the Terrace stage to play a few cuts from their album Run, Engine, Run!

Quiz B - October 13, 2012

After Michael meets the Schoepp's in the crowd, gets introduced to a mass wedding anniversary, discusses the strengths of Frank Lloyd Wright and inspects his daughter Nora's new "Learn to swim" tatoo, he chooses another contestant for the Whad'Ya Know? Quiz!

Town of the Week - Bonham, TX

Tucked in the corner of NE Texas is our Town of the Week, Bonham, TX!  Sara Nics has more!