October 20, 2012 - Fargo, ND - Festival Concert Hall

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Michael Feldman

Michael and the gang head to Fargo and we're staying for supper!  Kristin Rudrud, better known as Jean Lundegaard from the film Fargo, will headline our guests.  We'll also be chatting with How Fargo of You author Marc de Celle!  Tim Sparks will be our musical guest.  Plus, the famous Kroll's ladies offer up Michael some of their signature Knoephla soup and Greg Kempel of Maple River Distillery tops us off with some local cordials!  A big thank you to our local Fargo sponsors!

All the "Fargo" News That Isn't

Folks of Fargo, ND really mean it when they answer "I can't complain"  Michael shows us why during All the Fargo News That Isn't!

Kristin Rudrud

Actress and Fargo native, Kristin Rudrud, is Michael's guest.  She chats about her role in the critically acclaimed film that made the city famous!

Quiz A - October 20,2012 - Fargo

Michael stirs the pot when he meets some of Fargo's finest and chooses his first contestant for the quiz!

Tim Sparks

Guitarist Tim Sparks brings his finger pickin' style to the Festival Concert Hall stage!

Marc de Celle

How Fargo of You author Marc de Celle joins Michael to offer an outsider's perspective of the Fargo area!

Quiz B - October 20,2012 - Fargo

The excitement runs over when Michael meets a radio novice and learns to make Lefse in the audience.  Then he selects another contestant - or rather a contestant is selected for him - for the next quiz!

Fargo Food and Wine

Michael tries some famous Knoephla soup from Kroll's Diner and some cordials from Maple River Distillery!